• Start any day of the year
  • Perfect Gift that you ever find for your loved people
  • Help to plan for the future
  • Use the journal as a life coach
  • Help to simplify the daily tasks since you can be more relax.
  • Visualize your day at a glance.
  • Manage your difficulties and achieve your goals
  • Increase productivity and the focus
  • Structure your daily routines and your goals
  • Reduce overwhelm
  • Beat the procrastination
  • Find your emotional balance
  • Take control of your habits
  • Will help to improve positive life style.
  • Achieve your health goals
  • Improve your happiness and stand above the rest.

How to Use The Journal

Lets walk through the Journal, step by step…


Everyone has a dream that wish to fulfil. Some people even have more than one of them. Regardless of how many dreams you wish to see come true, writing it down is the first step toward working toward it. By putting it in writing, you make it real and tangible. Don’t think for a second you can’t achieve it. This is a place for positivity. Think about what you want in your life and write it down so you can start working toward it, moving it from the dream world into reality


Success doesn’t always come from one direction, and it sometimes doesn’t go as planned. Once you begin moving toward your dream, you may find difficulties. Obstacles will slow the way and you might find you’re not exactly where you’d hoped you’d be. You can’t control everything though, and no matter how strong you are, sometimes your efforts cannot be achieved. In life, there are no guarantees. We’re not even guaranteed a tomorrow. Harping on that negativity doesn’t do any bit of good, however being prepared with a backup plan to your biggest dream is always a smart option. If you were to find that you couldn’t bring your first dream into fruition, what other path would you take? Remember that it is not always about the destination but rather, the journey that takes us there that leads us to other avenues of greatness. However, success is the happiness that you gain with your inner self. Open your own self, think outside of the box, and look for other avenues. There is no one route to success, and often you’ll find there are many paths that will lead you there. Your path to success may take you over the hills and far away until you discover your destination of happiness. What’s most important is striving for success while maintaining positivity no matter what hurdles you must overcome to get there


Our brains work in interesting ways and quite often, a visual presentation of our dreams is a fantastic way to embed the positivity of what we’re trying to accomplish into our brains. This is called mind mapping, and it’s a simple yet powerful tool that you can use to outline information. You don’t need to be an artist to create a mind map. It’s simply a diagram centred about a main idea. Mind mapping works like your brain does, allowing you to organize groups of information and make sense of that information more quickly and efficiently. Used properly, it can unlock your brain’s full potential. It starts in the centre with your main idea in the middle. From there, you add branches that extend outward. These allow you to explore your main idea, and these can also branch off as you see fit. You can keep on adding more and more branches as more ideas come too. Putting keywords onto these branches will help them become more effective as they grow outward, bringing your idea to life. But don’t just leave it at that with pencilled in odds and ends. Get some colour in there to truly perk up your brain. Images will also help, adding more visual quality to your mind map. You can add to it as you like, and the more you look at your mind map, the more likely a positive outcome will be.

Things that i do

This section is all about tuning into your self-awareness both for actions and thoughts. This is where being honest truly counts in order for positivity to come about. There is no judgement here. It is all about delving into the things you do to benefit your overall well-being as well as being unbiased about what isn’t beneficial for you. It also allows you the ability to record the things you wish to do that you have the power to control so you can focus on accomplishing them, as well as an area for the things you find difficult so you can plan out how to overcome them with positivity

To follow my dreams

Bringing positivity into your life through your journal requires you to analyse your innermost self. Using a SWOT analysis which helps you to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, the Be Positive Journal allows you the room to peruse these four aspects deeply so that you can conquer your objectives in the outside world.

What choices should i make to improve life

The time has come to decide what things bring positivity into your life and what make a negative impact. Jot them into this space to push out the old and make welcoming room for new things that improve your innermost self. The realm of possibilities for making your life a more positive and fulfilling one are truly endless. Be it deciding to sign up for new courses, develop new skills, move to a new location, create more diverse circles of people in your life, or anything else, coming to the decision here will be liberating.

Set goals towards realizing my dreams

Once you’ve recorded your decisions, it is time to set smart and realistic goals toward achieving your dreams. How long will it take you to make them a reality? Use this space to plan them out. For big goals, it helps to set smaller goals in a timeline to reach the finish line. Along the way, you may find these smaller sets to be most rewarding and positive, further fuelling your success. You may find it helpful here to work in reverse, starting from your goal and thinking backward to how you can get from start to finish with a purely positive outcome.

Wealth planner

Wealth planner The versatile wealth planner allows for you to work with it horizontally or vertically, whichever feels more positive for your planning. It gives you the space to focus on your financial horizon annually and make projections for a brighter future to come. Space is undated and unspecified, you can write the month and the year on top left hand corner of the each section.

365 days road map

Your journey toward a more positive and fulfilling life awaits, and this is the map you will design to drive you forward to your success. Making an annual plan of the different events that will lead you there will give you things to look forward to and keep you organized, even when life gets in the way. The centre line provides a divider while the rest of the space is left to you for designing around what months will be busiest for you, allowing more functionality to dedicate to your dreams.

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Your Be Positive Journal comes with undated pages that allow you to start it on any day of any year you wish, allowing you to journal your progress of positivity for up to 365 days. Each page contains sections for you to fill in. The more detailed you are, the more helpful this journal will be in getting you to your overall goals. You can look back one week, one month, and one year later and see how much has changed which will be a positive moment of growth and give you inspiration to keep on going. In order to gain the most from this journal, it is recommended you take a few calm moments every morning and the evening to focus and centre on these pages for a better outcome

Start every day off on the right foot by adding a positive thought for your day at the top of the page. The bottom of the daily page allows room for you to write down your positive action for the day and note any negatives that you can take steps to turn around.

On your daily pages, you’ll find a clock divided into 2 sections: day and night. You can use this to see your whole day as one big picture and see how you spend your time. Use it wisely. A positive day starts out with a good plan. Set the tone for your day by highlighting your daily tasks against the hours on the clock. It will keep you organised as well as show you how productive you’ve been toward your goals. You should also remember to highlight the sleeping hours so that you can care for your health. In order to achieve our goals, we must be at our very best. Nurturing your innermost self and your body’s health together is part of being positive.

In your Weekly Review, the Mood Tracker allows you to summarise your daily moods from every day of the week in a week-long format. Bring your daily pages mood records to week long format. Copy the strength levels of each day to this format and see it as a big picture. so you can reflect on how your week was. It is here you can spot patterns of moods and take steps to change them should they be more negative than positive. Seeking professional solutions for frequent negativity is important so you can achieve inner peace and harmony.

Daily Schedule

Fill out your daily schedule to make your day as positive as it can be. It won’t prevent a bad day from happening, but it will help you keep focused and keep a level head, which is the first step in staying positive even when the world feels as though it is falling away around you.

Daily priorities:
These are the things that must get done on your day. Think it
through and prioritize the most important tasks in this section.

Goal Oriented tasks: Here is where you’ll record those daily tasks that will take you down the road to your dreams. Make sure you have at least one task toward your goal per day or it will be difficult to be positive.

Financials: Trying to save up for that holiday? Then jot down how much you’ve made today as well as how much you’ve spent. You can keep tabs o

For a more positive impact on your life, use the free note space for daily reflections. Anything that comes to mind can make a big difference in liberating your thoughts and feelings.

Good or bad, habits take several weeks to establish. Whether you have good ones or bad ones, you can record them in the habit tracker in whichever way you find most effective from words to pictures, or even in numbers. Trying to kick a bad habit and bring about a positive one? This is the place to keep a running tally and a constant reminder of how to achieve your goals.

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Take the time each week to review your moods and habits. By doing so, it will help you grow, and growth is a huge step in living life with more positivity.

Mood Tracker (weekly mood review

In your Weekly Review, the Mood Tracker allows you to summarise your daily moods from every day of the week in a week-long format. Bring your daily pages mood records to week long format. Copy the strength levels of each day to this format and see it as a big picture. so you can reflect on how your week was. It is here you can spot patterns of moods and take steps to change them should they be more negative than positive. Seeking professional solutions for frequent negativity is important so you can achieve inner peace and harmony.

Habit Tracker

The Habit Tracker summarises your daily habits to a week view, both good and bad, and allows you to firmly take control over them. Bring your daily records to the weekly format in the way that feels right for you. It is your choice how you use the weekly summery whether it  is in graphs, with colours, numerically or with words. If you are keeping track of your habits, you will begin to take control of your habits



Weekly Health and Fitness Review

Even if your goal has nothing to do with health and fitness, maintaining a balance of your physical health is important for your productivity and functionality. How are you eating? Are you making healthy food choices or seeking out junk foods? You may even notice a correlation with your eating habits and your moods, which can help you bring a positive change for your health. Record what you’re eating, how many calories you’re ingesting and how many calories you’re burning. Are you keeping active? A body that keeps moving is one that feels good inside and out. Nurturing your body helps you nurture your mind, and with both of these systems well-cared for, positivity is easy to achieve in every aspect of your life. You can see how much you gained and how much you burned in the week, and if you were in healthy diet or eating junks.

It's time to invest in your self

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