Anup Says..
“Art to me is a process of witnessing. We witness with our eyes and we build our thoughts and
imaginations based on what we see. I witness the wheel of time in my paintings. As art is inside
the person, and he or she sees his own version of it through the mind’s eye, I’m very careful in
provoking thoughts through my work. My work is an echo of my own thoughts so I am cautious
in what I stir in the minds of others. I want to be able to heal, help and ground people through
my art pieces,”

About Me

Anup vega is a man with radical thoughts, moved from village to the
capital, and with the exploration of awakening the mind with
teachings of the Osho and the Budha, he returned back to the nature
where he changed his life path from being a hotelier to an emerging
artist whose spirit strongly bonded and hold.

Vega had never stepped in to an art academy, even he didn’t like the
systematic education which he had being forced to learn, but it had
being gifted enough him to express himself using colors whose work
always being appreciated locally and internationally by art
connoisseurs. His fine arts express his intimacy and the connection to the nature, romanticism, celebration and the realism.

He believes receiving a birth as a human as greatest gift and an ultimate position that should be
celebrated. Vega is having and organic and spiritual way of life and he uses art as his mantra to
express his moods and thoughts which bridge today’s materialistic existence to the awareness
of non existence which takes you to the bliss.

Today, He is being one of the finest artists in Sri Lanka, conducts workshops and continues with paintings and exhibitions.

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