New year, Same bitch

Reopened, Receptive.  Past notions revived.

Remember, recapture the transient vibes.

Salvage, Reclaim, Synthesize.

Recycle Ideas, recreate and renew.



              Likeness to you.

I’ve never been one for the “new year, new me.” I’ve found that as refreshing as a new calendar can feel, I get way more gratification from looking back – reading old writing, journal entries, and manifestations from moons passed.

In 2016, I managed to actualize all the things I envisioned for my life as possible.  A cross country move to California, a new job, and most importantly a new life (really, a baby is growing inside me as I type).  The calendar doesn’t get to decide who I am and when, it’s the universe and myself working together in perfect harmony that have gotten me to this point.   I feel most renewed by knowing that I am the same me who wanted all these things but could hardly envision them as possible just a few months ago.

 What this poem meant to me years ago when I wrote it, is very different than what it means to me now. There was a time in the past -where I envisioned this perfect future- a perfection that is my current present moment. A vision I get to keep creating, and re-creating moment by moment. I’m recycling my own ideas.  While everything in my life has drastically changed, I feel more myself.  Looking back at what I have been able to co-create in my own life sparks a renewed sense of purpose, a refreshed perspective on intentional living, and reclaimed power that I had all along.


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