I think and so

I am.

I might just think I can.

Can see reflections,

And I don’t need your mirror,

Finally it only took a year or…


Am I here I just forgot,

Please tell me am I here or not?

Did that just happen, I didn’t tell you?

No one to convince

I don’t have to sell you

on this one, no.

I think and so

I am.

And I’m starting to feel I can.

But without you, I forget me,

There used to be a pond of you for me

To look and see

myself laughing back; but everyone’s skipping

rocks on my face and the water’s murky.

In the back, the clock ticks! So I ha, I exist even without your timekeeping in the mist.

I thought and I was there;

can’t take it away.

But, suddenly I’m feeling like a sculptor with no clay.

So wait, I’ll paint—but, ah, no canvas.

I’m sick.

I swear.

There’s just no illness.

I’m almost sure I’m here,

I know I shouldn’t doubt.

It’s just so hard to see me when I’m busy looking out.

Looking out for you, to affirm me

To confirm all the things I think I see

Ha, but that’s just it,

I’ll catch my own drift now

I don’t even need your mitt.

If I fell in the woods, I think I’d lay there.

You didn’t hear me, but I cried there.

I did, I cried, the tears they fell.

And there was not even a tree to tell.

It happened and I don’t doubt that now,

I guess that this is why and how

I think and thought and so

I am.

And I absolutely know I can.

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