Nightly Narcissist

I was orbiting my own world for a stretch,

as a moon if I had to speculate.

Not that you’re making me,

but I know it felt better to do it in darkness.

I had some semblance of objectivity out there as an uninstructive observer.   

Duped by the distance and lack of light.

Just noticed the dizziness, revolving around.  

The pull inward.

The force I have heard tell about, by which all things are measured.

My arm raises not in question or conquest,

Not even on purpose,

Just to change my trajectory by three degrees so that I may get a glimpse of another realm,

one not within my purview. 

3 thoughts on “Nightly Narcissist

  1. I Sing the Body Electric says:

    I’ve nominated you for the happiness tag if you wanna participate :)


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